Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow - sponsorship sheet


Here you have a sponsorship sheet I made with Eoghan's help (thank you!). In it, a few ideas to shake your friends, family and dogs for a bit of funding for the next Tinderbox publication!

You can download it, print it and use it to get funding ideas, to track the money you collect and to show your friends you are not going to drink the money they give you but it is actually going towards printing a book!

Good luck and oh! it would be fantastic to see pictures and hear stories of those fun-ding events.


emma rowe said...

great stuff elida, very exciting!!!!

slow said...

La la la!

noirin said...

err can't view it..can see the other pages..just not the sponsor sheet thingy..

slow said...

Ouch Noirin!

I wonder if you need to become a member of the website where I uploaded it. I uploaded it in Scribd because Blogspot does not allow to upload PDFs.

I don't have your email, but if you drop me a line elida.maiques[at]gmail.com I will fwd it to you.

:] elida.