Wednesday, June 8, 2011


How'd ya like them apples! Thanks to Jane for the post on the 
stalls available for the Zine fair in August in Ranelagh. I emailed Sarah Braken
and she has marked us down for a table. Hopefully we'll have a sweet Zine to sell
Here are links to Sarah's own website, she's a zine publisher. 


slow said...


Jane O Sullivan said...

I have been away since at my folks ie .no computer....sarah is thrilled to have tinderbox and I hope we can rally together , maybe cool to put notes on to our facebook ??,if anyone can do that ??
Its super to have a replacement for the summer edition event that was cancelled huh !
I am so cold and wind blown here in enga-land its mad :(
jane x

Claire said...

I very much like them apples!
Well done gals!

(+ Take care Jane !)

Damien said...

well spotted Jane & good pouncing Emma!
this sounds great