Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photography possibilities for the Gods and Monsters zine

                                            Trapped monster
                                               Sealing the monsters
                                             Upside down world
                                           Tortured nature

Hi guys. Here are somo possibles for the new zine, wanted your opinion. I found it a bit difficult to come up with something that would be related to the subject by taking a photograph but I hope I achieved it a bit with  these. The third photo 'Upside down world' is an old one and my other version of it that I posted here before is in black and white. I've tried adding colour to it to give it a kind nuclear doom type of feel but I've just started using Photoshop Elements, don't know much about how to use it and it could probably be improved. What do you think? The other three photos I took during a walk into town last week and I had the Gods and Monsters theme in mind. The first one might be a bit silly actually. I was in a Butlers cafe having my latte and I spotted this stain on a light on the floor that looked like a kind of cutish monster (at least to me) so I took a photo of it. I got some funny looks, ha, ha, people must have thought I was a bit potty (and they wouldn't be far off...) The second one is manhole cover with the symbols that indicate that's been sealed so that nobody can get out of it from below. I've noticed a lot of these around the time of Obama and the Queen's visit and they fascinate me. I had a better photo than this but it was portrait format so I took this one and brought up the colours to make it more interesting (hopefully) for the zine. The 'tortured wood' one I took in the Iveagh gardens. There's some dead wood there with great shapes. I changed the colours to bring out some red and I think it looks pretty shocking!
Well, give me your opinions. May be two or three could be selected for the zine, although I could still try to do something better... Would each image take up a page with some text underneath, or would the writers you were talking about write a text about it on the page next to the image?
About the funding, thanks for that sheet Elida! I've printed it out and will try to do something with it. I was actually thinking of offering to take portraits of my friends in exchange for whatever money they want to give towards it. I've just emailed Blackrock Market and hopefully I'll get a spot on Saturday the 16th of July. I could bring some of the old zines there. And finally, remember I have a little cash from the last market available...


slow said...

Hello Esther,

When I read your description I SAW the little cute monster in the first photo. It works for me.

I loved the B/W version of Upside Down World. To me, this is the most impressive one of the lot. I can see that you are playing with colouring, still, I find the B/W version stronger, more direct. And I love all the meanings that you can draw from that picture in the context of "Gods and Monsters (of Tomorrow)".

I haven't finished my pieces yet, but hope to upload them on Tinderbox soon!

:] elida.

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Elida. I much prefer the version in black and white also but I thought it might not be suitable if everything else is going to be in colour in the zine, but may be it will then? Glad you see connections with the Gods and Monsters themes and that you like the stain-monster!
By the way, just got a spot for Blackrock Market on the 16th of July. If you want to meet one day and give me some old zines I'll bring them over and hopefully will sell some of them to get some funds for the new zine!

slow said...

Sounds good. Let us meet closer to the date, Esther.

About combining B/W and colour, I don't see why not.