Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tinderbox Zine 6 Deadline

Hi guys thanks for the feed back on the brief. The deadline for the zine is set at 30th of June. Please, Please  have work ready for then please. One month, times a ticking!


Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Emma. Not sure I'll be able to do this now. Tough times for my husband's family at the moment, which is taking a lot of my time... Just wanted to let everybody know also that I'll be at the Crafty Market on the 25th of June instead of the 18th of June, in case anybody had planned to come in. The market contacted me to tell me they weren't doing the market on the 18th. I'll tell Elida as she was going to bring me the old zines to have there. Not totally sure I'll be able to do the market because of what's happening but I'll confirm closer to the date. Good luck with this project, looking forward to seeing what everybody produces!

slow said...

Hey Esther!

I know you may want to do some new photos for this. But I am also sure some of the pictures you have already may fit within the (hopefully broad) subject of Gods and Monsters/Monsters of Tomorrow.

I hope it all gets better!
Take care!

PS As for myself, yaaargh I'd better start drawing!

Esther Moliné said...

Thank you Elida. May be I'll think a little bit more about the pictures I have already and I could always just contribute something small... It's going to be printed in colour in the end, isn't it?

slow said...

Yes, colour, A5, landscape format.

Claire said...

Hey Emma and Elida
I'd love to be part of the Gods and monsters publication. Not sure how much I'll have ready for the 30th, but i'm working on it already.