Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fundraising for Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow

Meet Mr. Richie Smith,
proud sponsor of our upcoming publication Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow.
He asked me to do a portrait/caricature of him. In exchange, he will contribute with 5% of our printing budget of 500EUR. Mr. Richie Smith, thank you!


emma rowe said...


chandra said...

This was beautiful and very thought-provoking.
Sample Invitation to attend an Exhibition Letter

Claire said...

Love it!

slow said...

:] yeah! thank you!

Yellowhammer said...

Nice work! Well done.

Damien said...

thanks Richie, you're swell!
Good going Elida!

Jane O Sullivan said...

elida did well well well my girl xxx
super tight poster
niceeeeee work :)

slow said...

Hey Damien! Great to hear you from afar.

Jane, Yellowhammer, Claire, Chandra, Emma, thanks for your kind, kind words!

This slow zine of ours is rising, I can see it!