Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get involved with the Tinderbox Network look

Hullo there Tinderboxers
Following the flurry of Scribblebox activity, I would like to suggest another little project for you all. YES, ALL OF YOU!

Please submit a banner design/image/illustration/text piece for the Tinderbox identity. This piece will be used for this blog, the facebook page and some printed material.

This project will be on-going. You can submit as many pieces as you like. It would be great if we could change it regularly to keep it interesting. (I pinched the idea from

Don't be shy. Express yourself, your style, your opinions, anything at all as long as it's your original work.

The dimensions of the blog banner should be about 11 x 3 cm (ish) at 72 dpi. but you can submit anything and we can work around it. If you have no means to scan / photograph your piece, contact me and we'll sort something out. You can post the stuff directly onto the blog or email them to us tinderboxnetwork (at)

I look forward to seeing some of your stuff.

If you are not already an Author (ie: someone who can post on the blog) just drop me a line and I can send you an invite to contribute.
Thanks guys.


life said...

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emma rowe said...

hey claire great idea, good way to keep us all on our toes, ill get to the doodling

Claire said...


denise said...

good idea claire! I'll try my best to actually participate this time, there's a lingering guilt issue for me about the scribble box thing...