Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scribble Box

Ok, the more I look at this the more it bothers me but I'm just glad I finally finished something and will have something to present. The medium is pencil on gesso primed boards.

“Lost and Hidden”: A Little Note .

Getting deeper on the shore made me think of layers, things that have passed , maybe even things buried on the shore, covered by the sea, lost forever to a different place. In the cupboard, suggested something hidden away. If we walk the shore and search it layers what objects do we wish to find. What can be of no value to one is treasure to another. Its value is hidden to us. So I asked a bunch of people this question if there was one object that you could have back what would it be? All the answers given were really good, so varied and random. What I hoped for was the unexpected and that was the case. You might expect toys to be dominate but not necessarily. The value is the story that comes with the object. The objects were also shared objects not necessarily something belonging to one person but their families. Some objects were strongly connected with places and times and the feelings thus associated. So something lost to them is hidden to us. We can only guess at why exactly that object and its meaning. The answer is never straightforward. The object is only a clue. Such as James’s Christmas decoration the story behind that is not as simple as the viewer might think. Memory interests me, it comes in parts. It is supple, floating, a half dream like state. So an object can make a memory tactile. I ve presented something simple. Line drawings that represent an object called for the person.


Brian said...

Great work Emma. If this piece was the Brady Bunch, I'd be the housekeeper!

I've been too busy with work to get anything done for this. I'll have to pull myself together for the Tinderbox exhibition!

emma rowe said...

Thanks Brian! That poor house keeper the things she must have witnessed hey at least your not Jan like poor James

denise said...

Nice work emma! Nice explanation of it all too. Can i be marsha?

emma rowe said...

Thanks Denise! sure you can be marsha just as long as james doesn't start going on about marsha marsha marsha

anne said...

great work emma I cant wait to see it on the wall!

Claire said...

I love that the individual drawings are separate canvases. Each person has their own independent experience but together they show a common ground that is very human.

I really like how this came together.
Good on ya.

noirin said...

nice emma, i like that it is all framed in a little box too..
Also am im a little new to this blog thing and i would like to add stuff but i dont know how - can anyone guide me here.. ta ta!