Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Scrible Box Journey (process)

My scribble box piece evolved slowly and with just a sprinkling of frustration.

The clue washed around and around in my mind to the point that I resented even saying it aloud. However, at that point I had a real sense of what I wanted to communicate. I wanted a translation from cryptic to an accessible notion.

Getting deeper: To travel further, to explore beyond the superficial.
On the shore: A destination, a time of reflection.
In the cupboard: Something put away out of sight, but retained.

So the concept is about Memory. As I researched and experimented with medium I realised that Dwelling on memories can drive you mad! While it is wonderful to open the cupboard and dig out old photographs and objects of childhood, you have to be careful not to look back too much. It is reassuring to reminisce but it is best not to visit those memories too regularly.

The character in the illustration has readily made herself vulnerable with nostalgia. I didn't mean for it to be a finger-wagging-Carpe-Diem piece, but there it is. The medium is Indian Ink on Paper. The title is "Getting Deeper on the Shore (Mmomemory)", it was a bit of an accident when I was filling in the Entry form, but i decided to keep it.

Thanks a million to Bombhouse for this opportunity.
See you all on the 2nd of July.



noirin said...

another nice piece! welldone Clare! i love the cookoo clock - it is true - to dwell makes one unwell :) somtimes its easy to lose your way back from a train of thought that goes into the past.

denise said...

nice work claire!

emma said...

I love your piece claire, all the little pieces that go up to make it, sometimes a pen, ink and pencil can be the best tools, the most simple things, and it suits the piece