Thursday, June 18, 2009

my scribble box

My Rational for Scribble-Box entry
When I first saw the cryptic clue “Getting deeper on the shore, in the cupboard”, I have to admit, I was a little dumbfounded. “Getting deeper on the shore” to me, sounds like someone is hiding something, something is out of sight. On the other hand “In the cupboard”, completely threw me.
I’m useless at crosswords, so in order to try and understand the clue, I looked up the individual words in my trusty dictionary. It was here I found the phrase ‘cupboard love’, which means “affection shown to someone in order to obtain something”.
This phrase tied in nicely with my previous thoughts of “Getting deeper on the shore”, both seemed to deal with hiding something or holding back.
This made me think of ice-cream kiosks, strange I know, but on a superficial level, they remind me a little of cupboards full of ice-cream. On another level, I always found that these kiosks complement the beach on a sunny day perfectly, they go hand in hand with all my childhood memories of the seaside, and they show affection towards the beach, loving it in the sun, and in turn, they obtain business.
However, when it is raining on the beach, the ice-cream kiosk shuts down its door; it stands alone and apart from the beach, and it is no longer interested in its beauty or in its varied expressions, because nobody is on the beach to buy ice-cream.
The Ice cream kiosk loves the beach in order to gain business from it, and this is why I painted a picture of a shut up ice-cream kiosk in the rain, on the beach, because it hides the truth behind a façade of merriment and adoration; and this to me is “Getting deeper on the shore, in the cupboard”.


emma said...

This very pretty anne, I really like the colours, its suits the feel of the text

denise said...

i like the melancholy atmosphere, you've captured it nicely : )

Claire said...

A wonderfully considered concept, well executed, nice one Anne.

noirin said...

welldone cuz, i want to buy it :) - better get there early on the 2nd..