Monday, October 5, 2009

Mask Party Shooting

Dear Tinderbox members,
im delighted to get the opportunity to contribute to your network.
Some of you probably met me already on the Mask Party, the tall greek with the german akcent taking pictures, yes that was me!

Here you can see some of the shooting results.
From BANG!images

More Masks and Pictures to be found on my website

Looking forward to see some comments and get your feedback.


Toma Lione said...

Bang! Bang! you shot me down..or didn't ;)
Thanks once again Vassilios for your contribution and your enthusiasm.

emma rowe said...

Yes Vassilios! Thanks so much for making us feel like stars on the night! Great photos and so good to have a proper record of the weird and wonderful efforts of tinderbox and guests

slow said...

Vassilios, Great pictures, really! I love the rich colours in your photos, like those of a weird dream.