Monday, October 5, 2009

Storytelling Submissions Deadline

Hi Guys!
First of all, thanks so much to everyone to attended and helped out with the Mask party.
We raised just enough (including a few kind donations) to pay rent on the gallery space. (PHEW!) Any extra donations are still very greatfully received. This will go towards promotion, which we currently have no budget for.

I'm happy to say that The Dice Bar has confirmed that they'll be sponsoring the drink for the opening. (SWEEET!)

So now... it's almost crunch time for those taking part in the show.
That is the Wednesday before the exhibition opens. This will give us just enough time to plan the layout, organise labels and compile a little booklet to promote tinderbox. So please, for my sanity, don't be late. If anything, be early. Late submissions may have to be omitted from the show.

The booklet:
This is a free-format black and white A5 promoting tinderbox artists. So even if you're NOT taking part in the show, you can be included in this booklet. Submissions as PDF or JPEG by the 14th please. Anything goes: text, illustration, photographs, unfinished paintings and prints, scrawled opinions, doodles, wherever your imagination takes you send it and I'll try to include it!

Exhibition pieces:
Please have titles and prices worked out by the time you're submitting.
Submissions made to me, at Tinderbox HQ. Email me if you need the address.
Submissions must be of a presentable quality, ie framed or mounted.
(I'll be doing a run to IKEA soon to buy frames, if anybody wants to come or would like to place an order with me for ready-made frames, email me)

The show will be running from 21 - 25th October. Thurs - Sun, the gallery will be open 2 - 7. I need volunteers to invigilate. I'd like to have the roster in place before the opening so come forward if you know you can be there for even 2 hours in that time.

The Saturday Show:
Some people from the Red Line Festival have approached me to have a wee gig in the gallery on the Saturday night. Keep an eye on the blog for further details.

Any queries or requests or if I've missed anything; email me
Thanks guys


Claire said...

and when i say booklet, i kinda mean zine.

emma rowe said...

Great work claire, nice to see the dice bar will sort some booze. The 14TH, I m shitting it and excited too, will have a think on what I want included in Zine (nice) maybe some drawing rants, I can do the sunday invigilating