Thursday, October 22, 2009

Storytelling's opening night


noirin said...

eeeee yay!

denise said...

well done everyone!

Claire said...

Thanks to everyone for braving the crazy weather last night for the opening of Storytelling. A great turnout! Yeay! If you have photos post em up!

Don't forget about all this weekend's Storytelling activities at thisisnotashop. The music night on Saturday is shaping up to be something quite exciting! As is the Glór session on Sunday!
Hope to see you there!

Jane O Sullivan said...

....ooooh I SO would have loved to go (said cinderella down in mayo :(
Super well done everyone ..what a great achievment

The Oh-Aissieux said...

Thanks for the great exhibition yesterday evening! And thanks for the very intriguing chat about storytelling while you sketch. I definitely want to do this, only question is where and when. I'll have a look at the Welcome Inn soon - currently out of the country.
Rock on!
The Oh-Aissieux

slow said...

Yes! Congratulations, great show and great eve!