Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tinderbox Newsletter (PLEASE READ)

Now that we have caught our breath after our first exhibition, it's time to get going again! Lets keep the momentum up!

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who took part in and helped out with the Storytelling exhibition and the zine. It was a great success! We covered our costs, got loads of positive feedback, new members, a number of sales, and some proposals for new projects...namely...

Storydrawing. The ball is officially rolling on a project that involves live sketching/drawing/doodling. The idea is to team up with the narrative arts club and draw the storytellers in action. We're just hunting down a suitable venue at the mo. I'll publish details here when they are confirmed.

Skill-exchange workshops. In the new year, we are planning to kick-start our skill-exchange workshops. Proposals and suggestions welcome. For the first one, I'm hoping to arrange is an art history workshop. The format will be informal. The speaker(s) discuss a topic in moderate detail and then it opens up to questions, discussion and debate. I think this could be potentially really interesting. I, myself do not have an extensive knowledge of art history, and I find it very difficult to research a certain topic without guidance. So this is some guidance for broadening your knowledge of art history or sharing your opinions in an interactive friendly environment. These sessions will be FREE and will most likely take place mid-week in the city centre. Again, specifics to be announced.

Bang Project. Our Mask Party photographer has approached us about a fun project. It requires locations and people to participate. There will be a blog post here next week calling for participants.

I'd like to encourage you all to take part in the Some Blind Alleys Banner Competition The prize is 500BUCKS!!!! The deadline is November 10th. See the site for details, and if anybody needs technical help, ie to fit into the pixel spec, do let me know. I'm happy to help.

• Zine number 2: The collaboration issue. Due to the success and popularity of our first zine, we are hoping to get another one going as soon as possible. We hope that this new issue will have people working together or mixing up their images to create something new. Get your thinking caps on. It'll be published before the new year.

Phew. That turned out to be longer than I thought! Thanks for taking the time to read it. Don't be shy to comment here on any of the items listed. See you soon.


slow said...

It all sounds great!
About storydrawing, perhaps drawing either the storyteller/audience OR the story? I probably would be more tempted by the story itself..

emma rowe said...

yes zine zine zine all the way, can billy have a second photo shoot, my profile picture of billy is giving a friend of mine nightmares, she says that billy MADE ME MAKE HIM, maybe thats why I ve being dreaming about paws he wants other body parts. drawing on the spot sound like terrifying fun..and i have being thinking about some blind banner

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely lovely ...I would love to get a copy of the zine ..Poss ?
Your enthusiasm is great claire and all involved ,that you are interested in further work. Yay for collaboration !
I would LOVE to go to the storytelling/drawing ...what a great idea.
I would like to collaborate (would someone in the group let me know a short version of the narrative and I can do it down here in mayo ) that cool with anyone ?.....
goodness it could be a great collection of drawings in time ..say after 5 or 6 sessions (a possible show ??)

denise said...

so much to take in! lots of great stuff there claire. Excited about zine number 2! Emma, I think you should do what billy says...

Claire said...

Jane, Id be delighted to have you involved with these new projects. Elida, i think it's a brilliant idea to draw the actual stories being told, I'd love to see a mix of illustrated stories and storyteller portraits/action drawings.

I'd love us all to work together towards the next show.

When i say collaboration, it's totally up to the each artist. If somebody wants to privately produce something with another artist, by all means do so. OR collaborate publicly, OR produce an individual piece and offer it up to be disassembled, overlayed, highlighed cropped...
OOH exciting times :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks :)
you all have a great weekend.
re sharing the love well heres my absolute favourite blog have been warned ,its a little bit time consuming in terms of eye candy