Monday, March 8, 2010

"LIMINALITY: Different Views / Viewing Difference" is the result of a cross-border project which began in 2006 with the partnering of Women Making Waves in Co. Fermanagh with Women Independently Living in Leitrim in Co. Leitrim, a sub-group of L.A.P.W.D.
This is an exhibition of Photographic Portraits of women with and without disabilities which has been facilitated by Irish Visual Artist Kathy O' Leary.

The theme and objectives of this project are:
· To examine images of Women, Disability, The Troubles and the Peace Process.
· To empower women with disabilities in a post-conflict region to choose the imagery that represent themselves.

Exhibiting as part of International Women’s Day 2010 – ‘Women Building Bridges’ in Derry City Council’s Tower Museum opening at 12.30pm


Anonymous said...

this looks fantastic. I've never been to Derry, but I'll find a way to get up there and see this show. This is such great work. wow i have no words for it.

Kathy O' Leary said...

Thank you Ryan, that's really nice to hear. The photo comes from the Higher bridges gallery in Enniskillen.
Derry is the fourth expo of the work with the 'Women building bridges' programme there.
There also other shows in varies venues around Derry till the 27th of March.
We've four years now on this project 'Liminality, Different Views/Viewing Difference, so it's good to get some positive feedback.
All the best.