Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Shine is Back – free worn-out clothes exhibition.

Mad Art Studio Call for Submissions
"Are you dreaming about your tired shoes? Having an emotional relationship with an old t-shirt? Or are you perhaps in love with your tattered jumper?
Well we at MadArt are organizing a special event to bring your worn-out clothes back to the podium! Whatever it is, suspenders, shoes or sunglasses, and no matter how outrageous the story behind it, we’d love to include it in our exhibition.
Please send submissions before 25th of March for this open and free event (including a little photo and a paragraph or two describing the history of your relationship).
The exhibition is open to the public on 2nd of April.
Opening reception on Thursday 1st of April at 7pm – 9pm at MadArt Gallery, 56 Lower Gardiner Street Dublin 1"


Claire said...

Thought it looked like a nice idea

Michelle said...

I was just going to post this. Isn't it such a cute idea, i love it