Monday, March 15, 2010

Pictureshow Zine Deadline Reminder!!

Just a reminder for everyone who wants to submit work to be included in the Tinderbox Pictureshow Zine. I've decided to extend the deadline until tomorrow evening;

16th March at 6pm.
Email files to:
- Grayscale/black & white,
- 300dpi,
- jpg, pdf, tiff etc.
- Preferably the size should be A5 but if you have unusual sizes, square images etc thats fine too
- Can be Prints, photos, drawings, paintings, photos of sculptures, stories etc...

Thanks to everyone who has sent me their artwork...all gorgeous!


Susan Levinsohn said...

Hi Guys, Thanks for the extension! Quick the idea to use the same work in the zine as in the show...or something different? Thank you so much for all the organisation!!

Michelle said...

No problem! You don't have to use the same work for the zine as you are putting in the exhibition, it's entirely up to you. Its just just to showcase everyone's work and have it for sale in Filmbase on the night.