Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Cover Design

I must admit, I recently broke the first rule of how to judge a book. I bought The Humbling by Philip Roth entirely because I liked the cover.
Here's some more beautifully designed book covers.


denise nestor said...

I think that nowadays you can totally judge a book by its cover. I do it all the time! This one is great :)

emma rowe said...

Me too, I have three copies of one book two of other and so on, I m very bold for that, but I only do it if I really love the book

Jane O Sullivan said...

and me !
books are so special to me and if the cover istoo .... all the better.
I have some vintage ones displayed just for the covers and often not whats in them :)
I can see why you like the one above claire
Check out ....
for totally esoteric and often very inspiring book illustration

Anonymous said...

For me the cover is the mirror. The cover of a book mirrors the text and establishes the aesthetic. With so many books how does one choose! I, too, go off what a book looks likes-- it's the same with people. Whether that's good or bad (with people and books) I'm not sure, just modern living I suppose. That Roth cover works for me because it mirrors what I take to be Roth's later style: spare, a little un peaceful, driven but without being over committed. No doubt a book to put on the list!