Friday, April 30, 2010

Circus Exhibition Now Open

Tinderbox presents Circus as part of the Sogo Festival.
First Floor (beside Cafe Togo) Powerscourts Centre, Southwilliam Street, Dublin.
Open Friday 3 - 6
Saturday & Sunday 12 - 6

Live Performances
Friday 4 - 6 Aoife Casey Performance
The artist uses the body clothed in elaborate costume as an object interacting with
the space of the gallery. Accompanied by harpist Murakami Junshi

Saturday 1 - 3 The Glór Sessions
Music & Poetry Session with poet & MC Stephen James Smith

Saturday 4 - 6 Lisa ONeill and Friends
Live music session

Sunday 12 -2 Game Piece dance performance / StorySketch
The Narrative Arts Club and special guests will provide an afternoon of “eye-contact theatre”.
Sketching enthusiasts are invited to draw the storytellers, performers, the audience OR the story itself.

Sunday 4 - 6 Aoife Casey Performance

(see Friday)

Full Listings for SoGo festival events here.

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