Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Vegetable Spider - Help Needed!


A while back I posted about the RPM Challenge, where musicians create an album in the month of February. Well, that's all done now, and one of the tracks that came out of it was 'My Vegetable Spider'. This was intended as a sort of lullaby/nursery rhyme, but ended up like this (right-click and save, if you like):

Canabrism - My Vegetable Spider

This is where I thought I'd try something new - asking for artistic assistance to create a music video!

Basically, if any of you feel like sketching/drawing/sanding/leafing anything inspired by the song, then please send it to me - danfoley (aaht) podcomplex (dot) com - and I'll incorporate all submissions into a video somehow.

Anything at all would be greatly appreciated, whether a five second sketch, or a photo of a something, or a something of a something... I would be really interested to see how a song might translate to visuals via your good selves!

PS The pic is from Till Nowak's digital vegetables (no connection to the spider)...


Ciaran.L said...

Lovely track, Dan; it's been stuck in my head this morning, and I don't hate you for it :)

Dan Foley said...

Thanks Ciaran! Always good to hear positive feedback - hope your head has been freed by now...