Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exhibition- Moate Culture Night

Hello all,

As posted recently, we are having a visual art exhibition in Moate for Culture Night, 23rd September. If some of you would like to participate, you are most welcome to send paintings, prints, cards and zines. Contact details are on the attached, or email me for postage details.

All the Best,



noirin said...

Afraid I don't have anything ready to send..and it would probably not get there in time now..

Hope it goes well!

I think I'm going to have to bring a stash of paintings to Ireland and leave them around the country in strategic places!

Yellowhammer said...

Thanks Noirin,

That's a good idea, given everything that is going on this year.

All the best.

slow said...

Very exciting.
Sending my own SLOW zines and the Tinderbox zines I have, along with a couple of framed pieces... Thanks a lot, Yellowhammer, for organising this one!


Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you alan for being generous and making this oppurtunity !
a wee parcel is on its way to you today :)
good luck with the exhib , I hope you got some of your own work in it ?

Esther Moliné said...

Best of luck with it Alan, hope it goes really well, thanks again for giving us the opportunity to take part, looking forward to finding out how my stuff, yours and everybody else's did, you'll have to take some photos!