Friday, September 23, 2011

together we are stronger....

together we are stronger
ink and acrylic

hi y'all
yep , thats what I think anyways.
I am so lucky to have friends to support and encourage me and my work , we all are aren't we ?
These little ladies are going over in an envelope to be submitted to adjudication !!
for the westport arts festival

When I talk to various lovely people in tinderbox, which I have lately been in contact with for various random reasons ......well we all agree that it would be cool to go old school and do more show and tell.
Like , share here is my show and tell and I heartily encourage denise and germain and emma and claire and esther ,emma m, sam, becca , lucky fish, lee,ciaran, noirin, michelle....s, eoghan, tati,yvonne, ...roisin, sarah, lotte, ryan, kathy, sinead, trisha, fran.........specially people who have been quite , its okay :)

YOU are specially welcome and alan and marianne, elida, richael , damien and .........lots of us to do the same .
If I have forgotten anyone , forgive me
LETS SHOW AND TELL ....from now on .
Work in progress , anything , put it up.

Yes we can ♥
**hows the gods and monsters going ?
** thanks alan for displaying tinderbox members various offerings at the altar of culture night , your reward is three gold stars (in post)
***last call date for g&m ?(g&m not s&m)

some eye candy to be going on with we have loads ourselves you know ****


denise nestor said...

Thanks for wording this Jane! I was considering saying something similar, but you've gotten the point across nicely :)

The beermats are gorgeous!! Black and white really suits your work too, you should consider doing more. Really beautiful work jane, keep it coming!!

slow said...

Hmmm show and tell huh?
I like the idea of airing our work in progress, because if we have to wait til it is completely finished... then we are bored with it or have moved on.

About Gods and Monsters... I will post a work in progress!

Yeah, thanks for the nudge, Jane.

emma rowe said...

Thanks Jane, a great post!
And your pieces are really beautiful, the format does so suit the tone of your work, for some reason its add a victoriana feel for me, which I like because it feels ghostly
I am to meet Elida soon, I've been a bit all over the place re gods and monsters

Germain Bailly said...

Hello Jane, You are absolutely right ! Thank you for this post.

Claire said...

Brilliant idea Jane. A nudge / kick up the bum to get moving on some projects.
The beer mats are really great. I'd say the absorbency of the card was fun to play with?