Friday, September 30, 2011

Work in Progress - Drawing

I have been attending some life drawing sessions here in Paris. I'm trying to develop my drawing technique by first getting the basics covered. I intend to use my sketches in more developed compositions in future, and I'm exploring the possibilities of lithography. (any advice greatly appreciated).
Thanks to Jane for encouraging us to post work in progress.


Germain Bailly said...

Hello Claire,

Well done for all your work in your blog. A very good thing to take life drawing sessions, they are so importants in every age. It is a dream for me to know more about lithography, but for now, I can not help you...

slow said...

Oh Claire, your drawing style is certainly changing, I wouldn't have suspected this was yours.
Good on you, woman.
It makes me want to draw life models too, you must be having so much fun.

I like the silhouette, sinuous. And the belly volume.

:] elida.

denise nestor said...

Nice work claire! love the mix of colours. There's a Degas feel to this, a little bit of Egon Schiele too. Keep it coming! :)

Esther Moliné said...

I'm not an expert but I think that's looking pretty good, great drawing Claire!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello claire ...going back to life drawing session last year gave me my direction for my solo show there in may just gone .For me , being in the presence of a real person leaves me feeling very naked myself in there are no photographic references around ,......just the model , you and your materials .I constantly felt frustrated by what I wanted to draw and what I did draw....but when I let go and just kept working , no judgement ,just total looking and being brave , sometimes , just sometimes I got a treasure of a drawing that I didnt even remember doing !!...and those helped me to make my other drawings .
I think you are doing an excellent move going back to drawing skills , it will open new doors for you claire.
You are already a super designer and illustrator , keep it going is my only advice. I myself want to go back to our local session soon.

Lithography , well , it would be amazing to draw directly into your plate ?, maybe some tiny life drawings,....look into the process of lithography and incorporate some actual drawing in your session direct to whatever you use as a ground.

I am thrilled that everyone is sharing their work......we all have a lot of skills and distance doesnt matter is crucial and does matter :)
.....we are legend (as my daughters would say)
xxxx hi to tomma :)

Pict-ish! said...

Oooh this is beautiful, you have great life drawing skills, I appreciate life drawing so much but unfortunatley after four years I still cant improve, but it is something I will go back too later when my mind has calmed down a bit, like Jane was saying it is great to have just you and the model and your materials. I love how economic you are with your line and the weight you built up around the thigh and the stomach, the proportion and the composition are really lovely! keep them coming, I think these would look great as lithographs but also I think sketches are very powerful because its in the moment and they carry so much energy because there is little time for hesitation or polishing up its raw and energetic with life and expression :)