Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ranelagh Zine Fair

Hi everybody I recieved this email (copied and posted below) from Sarah Bracken who organised the Zine Fair in Ranelagh. A good place to have some Zines and future Zines, and maybe some of you own!.
Thank you all so much for a great day at the Dublin Zine Fair, really enjoyed it, hope you all did too.
I meant to say this to you all on the day but never got the chance.
I am starting an independent publishing section in the Ranelagh Arts Centre Shop and would love if you left some publications in with us to sell.
The arts centre would take 15% of the selling price so factor this into your pricing.
Let me know if you are interested.
I'd need you to drop the zines in and fill in a sale or return form, with a blurb about the publication for us to put with it on the shelf.
Feel free to ask any questions,
Thanks a lot,


Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks emma , I see sarah has a super gallery up now of photos from the zine fair

slow said...

Hmmm! I will bring a stack of our zines indeed.
Emma, nice one!