Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Member has Breaking News

Hi everyone! My name is Richael and I joined Tinderbox a little while back but never had anything to share, until now!
As you all know, Tinderbox had a space at the Dublin Zine 3 weekends ago, and it was a wonderful success. I was also there, along with Jane, another Tinderbox member and Elida. As a result of handing out my own business cards over the weekend, I will now have a stall at the up and coming Ranelagh Fest Craft Fair this weekend, the 17th and 18th of September.
So, I just thought I would share the news incase anyone is interested in getting a stall, or just want to pop down for a wee peep at what is going on in the world of craft. For anyone who was at the zine fair, I'm making a lot of new work for the craft fair, so just because you saw me, don't think that's all I have up my sleeve !

The craft fair is being held in the Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School, located on the Ranelagh Road each day from 11-5. It's free in and you can find out further information from the facebook page Creative Collective Ireland.


Pict-ish! said...

oooh that looks cute :) Thats great news about your stall, sorry I missed you at the zine fair I was only there for a short while, unfortunately I wont make it to see the craft fair but would love to see more of your stuff, keep the posts coming and have a good weekend :) Marianne.

Jane O Sullivan said...

good luck richael at the craft fair and welcome to tinderbox !

slow said...

Yes Richael!
Welcome to Tinderbox, I will visit you at the crafts fair, certainly.

Thanks for the heads up! and... what is the name of that little supercute owl?

:] elida.

Richael said...

Hi Elida, looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. This little one is named Mondrian, after the painter Piet Mondrian. I think he's working quite a similar colour palette, no? :)
Thanks for the welcome Jane, I look forward to posting more in the future!! :)

Esther Moliné said...

Hi Richael, sorry I missed meeting you at the zine fair, I was at another event, People's Photography, where I had an exhibit. And I read this too late to pop into your stall in the Ranelagh Fair, hope it went very well for you. Hopefully we'll meet at the next event!