Saturday, October 2, 2010

BLACKOUT POSTER Day Time - Play Time

The concept of the poster was to show how people have to present an image in work\day time but at night they can be themselves. I also thought this would be good for glow in the dark ink.


slow said...

This is cool and fun.
I like it a lot.

Jane O Sullivan said...

let it glow ....
nice work lee , a great idea :D

Claire said...

Love it! Good on ya lee. Did you get her printed in glow-in-the-dark ink in the end?

slow said...

Lee, do you sell these posters?

lee pitman said...


Thanks for the great feedback this style isn't really my natural way of illustrating which is a little more rough. But I love the work of Charles Burns and his work on the comic black hole so I have fancied doing a very clean black & white illustration like his and I’m please-ish with the out come.

To answer your questions they haven’t been printed yet because it’s my entry to a competition which it was design for the brief being to design something which uses glow in the dark ink.

If it gets pick it will be a part of an exhibition where they will be sold, if it doesn't get pick it will be something I will have to do when I have the money to do so.

Check out the site as it has some great prints and some good events if you can get to London.

slow said...

Well, good luck with the competition, Lee! Keep us posted on the outcome.