Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Okey Bokeh

The area of photography called 'Bokeh' can provide some very beautiful images - Bokeh basically involves focusing on blur, so to speak... an intentional use of the out-of-focus as part of the compositional appeal of a shot. There are 88 examples of such images here: INSTANT SHIFT


Jane O Sullivan said...

wow dan , thats really interesting !
not sure your link works ??

Esther Moliné said...

ha, ha, that's really brilliant!! Been looking at the photos in your link (though you can't go directly from your post), some amazing stuff there. I've done a bit of this bokeh stuff but haven't really got anything so interesting so far. I must try it out at night more... Thanks for sharing and nice to meet you!

slow said...

Jane, I think you have copy the link and paste on the navigator, then it worked for me.

Wow, there are so many trends and ideas out there!
This must be quite well known, did you notice the confetti bokeh?

At the beginning I thought it was a photographic approximation to speech balloons, but it goes beyond that, right?

Claire said...

Hey Dan, hope you don't mind that I edited your post so that the link is clickable.


Dan Foley said...

That's cool, I just threw the post up quickly - I presumed blogspot would make the URL clickable automatically...!