Friday, October 15, 2010

For the Tinderbox Heartstrings Collection of Song Drawings. Hitting the ground.


This is my submission to Jane's Heartstrings Song project.
I still have to scan it and add perhaps a layer of colour to it.
Ah, I thought it'd be good to upload a work in progress.
I'll finish it today, Jane, I promise!

The song: Hitting the Ground
By Gordon Gano, as sung by PJ Harvey.
:] elida.


Esther Moliné said...

Great drawing Elida, perfect for that song and I love the hairy outfit on the 'hitting the ground' character. You're doing so many things!

Jane O Sullivan said...

love it !

Damien said...

yeah you're quite the busy bee Elida, putting the rest of us to shame! (well me anyway) I love the way you've drawn this with brush & ink, it's got a very graphic novel look to it. Is there a reason for the costume choice?

slow said...

Ah! thanks!

Yeah I am quite busy this month, but I have spent a very quiet summer.

To shame? Come on. It is through working towards Tinderbox exhibitions with all of you that I am pushing and getting stronger with my drawings!

By the way, I don't know what Jane would say, but the Heartstrings Song collection is a collective project so, I think late submissions may be fine..

slow said...

Ah! the costume choice.
Damien, it is your regular astronaut monkey outfit!
And... actually, it will appear in a comic I want to draw.