Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Focus on Art - Opening tomorrow Thursday

Focus on Art

OPENING this Thursday at 7pM

at the Centre for Creative Practices, 15 Lower Pembroke Street, D2

Hello Tinderboxers,

How to say this?
Yes, I am friends with one of the organisers, and yes, I genuinely think it will be worth a visit, so
if you are in the mood, go and check it out.


Jane O Sullivan said...

was it good elida ?
an important project for sure.
To create =hope

slow said...

Ah yeah!
It is still there 'til Thursday and the mix is good.
There is a Japanese girl who (Damo, listen to this) cut portraits in aluminium and set them over an iron flat surface. The portraits will be more contrasted as they go rusty. Also, some interesting drawings, photography and more cuttings.

I loved it.