Friday, October 29, 2010

Gainsbourg for Heartstrings

Thanks to Jane for organising the Heartstrings project.
I think we were all glad of the project extension, I know I was.
Here is a portrait of Serge Gainsbourg. I'm fascinated by his appeal here in France. 
Poet, lover, rebel and hero for various reasons including his many conquests with the ladiiiies.
I'll be working on this a bit further with some song lyrics, but here he is.
Thanks again Jane


Jane O Sullivan said...

ooooh err what a dish :)

Germain Bailly said...

Well done ! (this face is in the last period of his life)

slow said...

What a drawing!
Joan Sfar (fabulous graphic novelist) made a film about him recently. Yeah, what is the attraction?

Yellowhammer said...

Wow, thats a great sketch, wish I could do portraits like that!