Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective (song drawings) its going to be massive

the latest piece in !!!!! thanks roisin maguire
'Life On Mars' by David Bowie.
alan nagle
Half Light1- Arcade Fire,
elida maiques
Hitting the ground
By Gordon Gano, as sung by PJ Harvey.
claire gallagher
Bob Dylan's 'Subterranian Homesick Blues'.
jane o sullivan
I feel at home whenever the unknown surrounds me

extended final closing date
FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER !!! before if you can as it leaves only a week to make up the multiples.
You will be in a cute as a button multiples project to be launched at our own tinderbox stall at the second independants fair on sunday 7th november.
Have you seen whats going on at the fair ?,its going to be rocking.

hi guys ....I have four drawings including my own
a big thank you to elida , claire and alan and am hoping that we can get a few more in .......????
My plan is to make a little multiples pack of the song drawings in time for the independants day zine fair which is on sunday the 7th november.
I want to place the drawings B&W photocopies/colour (into vintage 7inch record sleeves which I will customise the front of the record sleeve with a printed sticker.)
I have a 1950's wire singles record rack to display the multiples in ...omg its going to be great !
Elida had the fab idea of playing the songs on an i-pod ...maybe on headphones while the person looks at the original drawings.( paper clipped into a large song book)
To be honest I feel a little sad :( and would like to know if there are any others out there that want to work collectively ?....there are over 100 followers and a lot of new contributors , there must be some more peeps that draw.
Stand up and be counted.

1*please leave a comment if you have a drawing and its nearly ready.
2* remember its about being in something together , your drawing will part of something greater , its not going to be judged ,you probably have a drawing already that you have made that is in fact related to a song .....
hmmmm bet you have SEND THE BABY IN WE WANT IT
3*has anyone got any unwanted outer cardboard 7inch record sleeves (it doesnt matter how cheesy they are)
4*I know that there are lots of fantastic artists in tinderbox lets make this work

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love jane x


Michelle said...

LOVE all the drawings. Am delighted the deadline is extended. Im away this weekend and copped on yesterday that I'd missed the deadline. Will definitely have something in over the next couple of days

slow said...

Yay for you Michelle!

And Alan and Claire and Jane, my drawing is in great company. I love what you have done and how diverse it is.


Esther Moliné said...

Hi! What a great idea to have this at the independents day fair, I think it would be really great to do what you say, Jane, with the vintage record sleeves, and Elida's idea of the person listening to the song while looking at the picture is brilliant! I love the drawings so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more, pity I don't draw myself. I have one single record sleeve which is mysteriously empty, don't know where the record went, very cheesy, for Clannad's Robin the hooded man, if you can use it, and I could look for my old mp3 player, see if it still works. You might need more than one ipod in case there are a few people looking at the drawings at the same time. Talk to you all soon

Claire said...

Hey Jane, I posted the heartstrings notice on the Tinderbox Facebook page, just as a reminder.
( I also may have another piece to submit )

Jane O Sullivan said...

thats great esther , thank you for your help
good idea claire , and thats fab michelle :) all sounds good hey (hi miss elida x)

lee pitman said...

Hey i didn't even know about this till mick said something last night, i should able to get something together in time.

What are the details size subject etc?

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi lee
if you look down the blog all the details are there ,its great you are onboard.

emma rowe said...

hey jane I m on it

noirin said...

cool thanks for extending the date! Will do my best to get something in on time..very busy!! The idea of display sounds great. So would the Record Sleeve be like a frame for it or how does it work? And can people buy them?

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi emma and claire , thats great (go girl go)
noirin , you can do it, just be happy with how it turns out and get it in :)
I am proposing to scan the drawings and photocopy them all and put them inside the record covers .
A special multiple for the zine fair (to put on our tinderbox stall and sell.)
So you have the collection together inside the sleeve.
I want to collect up as many record sleeves as posible , obvs I will have to buy crappy 7 inch records , ditch the record and use the sleeve.
I will customize all the fronts so it looks like a series ...with a large sticker stamped with tinderbox heartstrings collective (song drawings)
I am going to england this friday for a week and will scout the charity shops.
It will make the multiple affordabe and do -able .........then in time I will ask the collective what they would like to do with the work ....exhibit online ,in a show etc etc.

slow said...

Hey Jane!

Don't ditch the vinyl, we can also paint them for another exhibition...

Hmmm I may pick up another song and have another go!


Ciaran.L said...

Thanks for the extension, and for organisation, Jane; I'll prob send something by theweekend,even though I haven't even drawn the dole in the last few months.

Jane O Sullivan said...

ciaran ....this is great
go man go
I feel it will be the start of a whole new chapter :)
thanks for comment

Brian Stapleton said...

Will do my damndest to get something to you by the 29th, Jane. Listening to songs right now. Love the idea of presenting the work in 7" sleeves.

Jane O Sullivan said...

great brian !
now all I have to do is find lots of 7'sleeves, again if anyone gets any leave a comment here please :)

Sarah Bowie said...

Great idea Jane - will have something over to you by the 29th. Cheers for all the organising :)

slow said...

Roisin, I love your drawing! And the colours.