Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Everyone


My name is Peter O' Brien and I just joined the Tinderbox Network today. I just thought I'd post saying hello to everyone. I am interested in Film, Photography and sound design. Above is an example of my photography work. I shoot mostly documentary street photography.
Below is an example of my film work. This is a project I recently finished. Its a short documentary about Barney Mc Kenna, banjo player of the traditional band, 'The Dubliners'. I hope you guys like my work and I'd love some feedback, positive or negative. I am looking forward to working and collaborating with all you lovely people in the future.


Claire said...

Welcome Peter,
I just watched your 'Barney Mc Kenna' film, and really enjoyed it.
"I think their future is behind them" - brilliant.
Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

POB said...

Thanks for the positive comments :-)

Esther Moliné said...

Hi, Peter! I just joined myself, only a couple of weeks ago. Great to find another photographer here. I really like the photo you posted, love this type of street shots, although I'd love to see it in a bigger size, there seems to be lots of interesting details in it... Haven't got time to watch your film at the moment but I certainly will as soon as I can, sounds very interesting! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and films!

POB said...

Thank you very much Esther. I am tying to get a flickr page sorted at the moment but having a lot of problems uploading. Thanks for your comments. Il let you know when i have a place to show my photos.

Esther Moliné said...

Hi again, Peter! Just watched your film, it's excellent! My only problem is that my understanding of spoken English not being a hundred per cent me being a foreigner (from Spain), I couldn't understand all that was being said! You know, there's this event coming up on the 7th of November, Independents Day, at the Food Co-op in Newmarket, there will be screenings at it and you might be able to show your film there if you want. I'm not sure whether all the slots are taken up but your film being only 10 minutes I'm sure it could be fitted in, or if not there's always next year's Independents Day. If you're interested here are the details:
and you can send an email to
Good luck with your Flickr page, I have an account on it too!
Talk to you soon again

slow said...

That's a great picture you posted there, Peter.
Welcome to Tinderbox!