Friday, November 5, 2010

Missing songs


I am putting all the songs in an mp3 player, so people buying the Heartstrings album/publication can listen to the songs that triggered those fan tas tic drawings.

I have collected all the songs except:

- Half Light1 by Arcade Fire (drawn by Alan Nagle)

- Everybody is talking at me by Harry Nilsson (?) (drawn by Emma Rowe) (GOT IT NOW, thank you Emma)

- All you need is love was not true by Xinlisupreme (drawn by Ciaran L.) (GOT IT NOW, thanks Ciaran)

- Wake Me Up When September Comes (by Green Day) (drawn by Noirin)

Could any of you, tinderboxers email them to me? elida.maiques[at]

Thanks a lot!

:] elida.

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