Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective - a 7'' cover

Hi all,
This is an appetizer: I found a bunch of 7'' gems like this in Spain.
For the Heartstrings Song Drawings project.
Jane found another bunch in England.
I thought you'd like to see one of the jackets for our drawings.

Also, two ideas for Independents' Day this Sunday:
1. A gang
It would be great if we are a gang at Independents' Day, that way we can take turns and go browse the rest of stalls. As I am helping with the screening of Independents' Day I will have to go off now and then.
Will you come and command? Please? :]]

2. Tablecloth, tablepaper
We can make it into a game, I was thinking of covering our table with a large piece of drawing paper and spending the day covering it in collage, drawings, fingerprints, etc.

The fair is 12 to 5pm.
Up for it? Drop a comment, please, say what you think. :]



Yellowhammer said...

Those 7" covers look great as they are, cheesy but good! can you post up a few more shots of the others please?

Thanks Elida, Claire and Jane for taking the effort to put all this together. Do the rest of us owe you anything for the covers?? Will try and make it sunday... :-)

Jane O Sullivan said...

it all sounds very cool elida and very do-able .
Its wonderful to have your positivity and yes yes yes (thanks)
I am okay ...having a crash course in re-sizing , etc...I am making the zine myself on my computer , and will print it too ,I am very hungry and going to have some peanut butter in a pitta bread and a hot port.Send all thoughts of love and encouragement over to the west a little for the next few days please :)
yellowhammer ,if you think I have time to post the record covers you little monkey :)

Sarah Bowie said...

I hope to make it for about 3 and will be more than happy to help out with the stall (and draw on the tablecloth :))

Esther Moliné said...

I think that's a great idea Elida, really looking forward to the day and to seeing everybody's work!

Anonymous said...

I am happy come in between 1 and 2 and help with the stall, also looking forward to decorating the tablecloth :)

Michelle said...

Hey. Brilliant work! Am really sorry but wont be able to come on Sunday. Believe it or not im going to cork for my granny & her twin sisters 98th birthday!! so cant miss that. Make sure to take lots of photos on the day so absentees can see what it was like. Raging i'm missing it! Best of luck with the Zine..i know how stressful that is :)

slow said...

Yay you all!
Sarah, Lucky Fish, yes, we count on you, thank you!
Leo will join us too.

I still have to get that roll of drawing paper.

Yellowhammer, the records I bought were only 8EUR, but Jane is printing stickers and our drawings and she bought more records.

Any ideas on how to manage the money with these projects? I am clueless!


PS Michelle, you are the one who should take the pictures in that family reunion, really!
Have fun, sounds like a great occasion.