Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective (song drawings) WAS massive !!!!!!

ciaran l channelling sinnitta
jane agus elida
the front cover of zine
Hi everyone , just a teaser of whats to follow when I regain control over my mind \hand movements !
We took lots of photos at the stall and will post them soon soon soon .
Just to say , it WAS worth all the hard work , it will and CAN lead on to so many other things , it was lovely to meet you elida,esther,eoghan, lucky , sarah, leo, emma and ciaran .
We had fun at the stall and felt really part of the day.
I have kept a zine for all those who collaborated on the project , it costs 6 euro = 1.50 P&P This covers the printng etc ...any extra monies will go towards the next chapter of heartstrings.
Please let me know a.s.a.p if you want one as they are nearly all gone .
So that will be the first limited edition of 20 in that particular form . Please mention this on facebook, it may be of interest to tinderboxers that may not be paying attention on the blog :)
No worries if you were not able to be in on this , you are keeping tinderbox going however you are able to support it and if you would like to mix it up for the next chapter .....please please do not be shy,put up a suggestion on the blog .


Claire said...

Can I put an order in for a zine please. I'll email you my address Jane.
Looks brilliant, fair play to you all. I cant wait to see more.

slow said...

:] massive indeed!

Esther Moliné said...

Hi Jane, great photos, I'll post some myself soon also. It was a great day, hope we Tinderboxers get to do something together soon again. Well if anybody wants to come to the charity event on the 25th of November(see previous post), I'll be there! And as for another art collaboration project I'm mulling over some ideas...

Yellowhammer said...

I'll have a zine pleeze, Jane. Email me your address and i'll post m.o./ cheque up to ya.

The photos are great, looks like a good laugh

Jane O Sullivan said...

Hi guys , thanks claire and alan , I will email you all properly soon soon ,with the craic about making the zine etc ....
I hope to put it up as a little film or slide show .(the zine)
Bear with me , how are ye all doing anyways ????....anything nice you have seen , post it up (I could do with some eye candy)

Michelle said...

I'd like to order a zine! I'll email you my address & sort out money :)

Damien said...

well done everyone that took part, the pictures look great, sorry I was so lame & didn't submit anything!