Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tinderbox at Independents Day and an idea

Hi everybody! Here's a picture of Tinderbox at Independents Day. Elida's wonderful headphones creation to listen to the Heartstrings Collective drawings' songs were popular!
Click below for some more photos of the day:



ART EXHIBITION SLIDESHOW: myself and Elida had entries in it. I wonder if it would be possible to have a Tinderbox entry for another year, may be with people submitting one work each around a certain topic? Or we could also try at another exhibition place somewhere else. I've been looking around the web and found this place, seems quite good:
Ormond Studios

I could check out how much it would be and if everybody taking part chips in a bit it should be quite affordable. If anybody else has any suggestions for an exhibition space, put in a comment here. My idea is for this exhibition to include any type of art: photography, illustration, film (if the space can accommodate screenings), anything, as long as it's all around whichever topic we choose! Post any ideas you might have about this on the blog please.

Another idea would be to do the exhibition based around Jane's wonderful Heartstrings Collective song drawings project, which already produced such great work for Independents Day (scroll down the posts please) and opening it to further submissions by photographers and other kinds of artists. What do you think about it Jane?

Till next time. May be I'll meet quite a few of you at the Photography Auction in aid of Alzheimers (see my previous post)!



slow said...

Ah! Great pictures Esther!

Let me know what the story is with that exhibition.. good to have another project shaping up, good woman!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ester, I would love to take part in an exhibition, will make sure to prepare something new and special for it too!

Last year during early December there was a Christmas Art Fair at ThisIsNotAShop, there wasn't a theme. Not sure if they are having it this year though, may be we could organize a similar show if they don't? The venue that you suggest looks nice!

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks slow, I will!
Hi, Lucky Fish! I checked out that ThisIsNotSShop place on the web, seems perfect! The Christmas Art Fair idea sounds good, is that a market type of thing? I didn't know exhibition venues did that type of thing. May be you could find out about that and I could investigate the Ormond Studios place and we can compare notes, for either a Xmas art fair with no specific topic or for the type of exhibition I was thinking about, although for that I feel we'd need more time, may be do it around February-March? That would give us plenty of time to decide on the theme. It would be good if it's something that can appeal to all kinds of artists. My ideas so far:
-expand on Jane's Heartstrings Collection song drawings.
-something to do with abandonment, lost toys, things left behind... It's a topic that would suit photography

Michelle said...

Hi. Nice work on Sunday! Again, sorry I couldn't be there. The photos are great. I really like the idea of expanding on Janes Heartstrings collection and developing our ideas and images. I was planning on doing mine up in large format anyway and I know there were probably some tinderboxers who didn't get a chance to submit because they were too busy or whatever. Its a lovely theme. That way if we were to find a venue before christmas we could have an exhibition. I'm going to get in touch with Hogan's again where the M.A.S.S. exhibition was in February. It was free, a good location & I found them easy to work with. I'm happy to help organise something anyway!

Esther Moliné said...

Wow, that would be great, Michelle, if you could get in touch with Hogan's again. I have very little idea about how to do these things, never done it before, Independents Day was my first ever exhibition, but I'll contact Ormond Studios anyway at some stage too to see how it works with them. It's worth looking up all the possibilities for future reference. I agree that expanding on Jane's idea is probably the best option, that way we could make the most of all the work that's been done already. I'll have to go and listen to some songs and see if I get inspiration for a photograph. The exhibition could include a slide show with excerpts from the songs playing in the background, Jane's original concept has lots of legs, it really was a great idea!

emma rowe said...

this is all very exciting, will defo love to take part just let me when where and how I can be of service

Anonymous said...

Will keep an eye on Thisisnotashop and post it here if they announce a christmas fair again:)

Esther Moliné said...

yes, that would be great Lucky Fish!