Thursday, November 11, 2010

London Exhibition Space - Free!

Hi Guys,

If anyone is London based or fancies having their work shown here, a gallery down the road from me has fantastic offer. Its near the top of Holloway Road.

Exhibition space is free, and they dont take commission on the work. A "very small charge towards running costs will be required" but thats not bad deal overall!

Think its 3 week slots from February to July.

"TO AND FOR began as a roving gallery in Archway, utilising empty commercial properties as exhibition and workshop space. Since it's inception in July 2009, TO AND FOR's reputation and following has steadily grown, now establishing itself as a more permanent gallery on the Holloway Road and also running creative workshops and an eclectic range of one-off artist talks and events.  Our sole aim is to provide a platform for fresh and innovative artists while simultaneously filling a void in the provision for contemporary arts in this area of London. A registered charity, voluntarily run and taking no commission for any artworks sold, TO AND FOR wants to give an insight into current artistic practices and to create an inviting gallery setting where ideas can be created and exchanged.

TO AND FOR Gallery is now calling for exhibition proposals from single artists or groups of artists to take over the space for up to three weeks in between February and July 2011.

Each proposal submitted will undergo a selection process by a panel of gallery trustees and gallery volunteers. All ideas for proposals will be accepted but the selection panel may favour those proposals that are innovative or have a clear concept or that bare some relevance to the area surrounding the gallery.

 Hire of the exhibition space is free of charge.

A very small charge towards running costs will be required and printed publicity is to be provided by the contributing artist(s). We also ask that the artist(s) commit to some of the invigilation of the exhibition  as we believe this enhances our visitors’ experience of the exhibition if the artist is on hand to talk about and discuss their work, and we aim to create a nice atmosphere for people to meet and interact! TO AND FOR volunteers will also assist with invigilation.

All the info is at their site below:

Be cool to have Tinderbox exhibition over here too!


emma rowe said...


Esther Moliné said...

Wouldn't mind a trip to London!

Claire said...

Lets go for it!
Thanks fot this Michael!
Lets get on this proposal. Any thoughts?

Michael said...

Well we need a theme.
I thought the music lyrics idea has a lot of legs and could easy work.
Perhaps have headphones beside artwork playing the song too? Seen that done in Tate Modern once, thought it was really fun. Listening to the song and thinking "how the hell did they come up with that (artwork) from this (song)"

Anonymous said...

May be I'm silly, but does anyone have experience transporting pictures like that? For example big enough frames are fragile and would be difficult to pack as a luggage, but also expensive to mail by post..
I like the idea of an exhibition in London :)

Michael said...

Lucky Fish, I can understand your concerns.
But we could look into it im sure.
Early days yet!

Esther Moliné said...

Mmm, I'd be into this too, but for some time in 2011, giving everybody lots of time. We could first do an exhibition in Hogan's as Michelle proposed on the previous post, and then do a bigger one in London! I'd like to be able to submit something with my photography so I could take part, I think it's an idea that could be open to all kinds of art!

lee pitman said...

Im in!