Friday, November 12, 2010

Concern Fastival 2010

Hey everyone,

I recently did character designs & illustrations for the Concern Fastival 2010 TV ad.

The fast is taking place on the 25th & 26th November & there's also gigs & other activities taking place across the country on those nights with all the proceeds going to Concern.

You can find out more about the Fast on or you can register online here. And if you don't feel like taking part you can always sponsor me on this link!


Eoghan Carroll said...

Great work Damo. I was pressing pause/play to have a good look at them all!

Damien said...

Thanks Eoghan, I gave myself a cameo as well! I'm in the crowd scene in a blue tshirt when the camera zooms out! See ya tomorrow evening

Michael said...

That looks great man, fair play!

slow said...

That is true, Damo!
I spotted you!

I love the noses in a different colour is a great trick.

Jane O Sullivan said...

woah damien .....
this is great work and important too , thanks for sharing it , I love to see what people in tinderbox have been up to , its inspiring for us all.
No worries about the last project , its a rolling one anyways and you can jump on as soon as you are able :)