Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Documentary Project

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show my preliminary poster for an upcoming documentary I'm working on about my Grandmother. She has been in a home now for a couple of years and suffers from Alzhemiers. Through this documentary I hope to show that Alzheimers is not the end for your friends or loved ones, you haven't lost them, all you have to do is hold on to them. The documentary focuses on the relationship between my mother and my Grandmother and how through constant visits and a lot of love, the woman we knew will never be lost.

Hope you like the poster and any feedback would be much appreciated.




Claire said...

Hi Peter
This sounds like a beautiful project. This is a wonderful touching image.
As a poster, I'd be inclined to add a bit more light, especially to your mams face. You have the nice daylight defining your grandmother's face, it would be nice to balance it out as they are both the subjects of the documentary.

The type could be a bit bigger. At the moment it looks like incidental text, like when you get a date stamp on a photo. You have a very useful black area there created by the back of the chair, you could make use of that as your text area. Can i suggest Helvetica Bold for the title and regular or light for the rest of the text. The title itself should be the strong visual to ensure that it is read as the title.

I rambled on a bit there. I know you said its your preliminary poster too, Sorry!

Really looking forward to seeing more about this project.

POB said...


Cheers for your feedback I agree with all youve said. Just a photo I took on thefly on a recky so its never gonna be perfect. The final photo will be more staged I guess but there's only so much staging that can be done on a documentary piece.

Glad you like the concept.

Thanks again :)

Tortoiseshell said...
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Tortoiseshell said...

Hi, Peter, it's wonderful that you're doing this. Two of my grandparents had Alzheimers towards the end of their lives. Are you going to be at the Photography Auction in aid of Alzheimer? I'll definitely be there even though my photo didn't get chosen, sniff!

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh peter (lump in my throat )
what fine work you are at and well done you for taking a personal starting point and choosing to take us into what is an essentially universal fear for us all of lose .
As you say so poignantly , through visits and much love your grandmother will not be lost , she will be held , memories will be made and fine work will stand the testament of time to her and many others .
awed (that is what I am )
good luck and keep us posted on the projects development .
the poster is well made .its beautifully lit ...go go go :)
B.T.W do you know the work of irish film maker michael fortune ???
I feel you would like it and I have heard him to be very approachable .

Kathy O' Leary said...

Your project sounds great Peter, best of luck with it and I'll look forward to the updates.

slow said...

Hi Peter,

That is a beautiful poster. Please, do post the new version when you have it.

This project of yours sounds like a beautiful, hard journey.
Good luck with it.

Have you heard of a graphic novel on the subject of Alzheimer,
Arrugas ("Wrinkles"), by Paco Roca?

It deals with Alzheimer with fun and love and respect.
Hmmm... some people do not like being mentioned works by others on the same subject.. Ah, your movie will be unique.