Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a banner!


Heckety said...


slow said...

Ooooh! Supercool, I love it! The colours of the box, the handwriting, yeah!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi noirin
so sweet :)
I can imagine the box as a gif opening and closing with cute eyes
are you sending something over for the zine fair next sat ?
and anyone else with artists books/zines made !


Esther Moliné said...

great idea, simple and effective, love it!

noirin said...

Hi - thanks guys :)

and thanks Jane - but no have been swamped with my greeting card designs at the moment so haven't had time to work on anything else..I need to manage my time a bit better I think..make time for everything! :)

Claire said...

Hey Noirin
Can you send me the high res version of this so we can use it as a banner.
818 pixels by 257 if possible.

noirin said...

Hay Claire - I have sent it to the tinderbox gmail account - hope that's right - thanks!