Saturday, August 6, 2011

A poem for Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow- who will illustrate it?

Evelyn Walsh, one of the great writers volunteering at Fighting Words has offered us this poem to be illustrated by you, Tinderboxers, and published in our upcoming Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow.

If any of you is interested in illustrating it, please say so here!
Emma, please, would you post this over in facebook?

His Ladder                                              
He always asked for a ladder
Year after year
sturdy wooden
one,  if he had a ladder
he could look over the wall
to see the horses
Silly boy, they laughed
And gave him
A hurl
A ball
A gun
And once
An apple and an orange and
a thrupenny bit to buy a fistful
of gobstoppers.
He never got the ladder.
He never looked over the wall.
He never saw the horses.
He grew and grew
Sank and got stuck
At the bottom of a great big hole
He didn’t know
You don’t always need a ladder.

Evelyn Walsh


emma rowe said...

Michelle has ask to illustrate this!!!

slow said...

I was thinking of her, great to have her in the book!!

Damien said...

ooh, i like the rhythm of this. Kind of had an idea for it, but Michelle beat me to it! Plus I should probably finish my own before saying I'll illustrate someone else's!