Thursday, August 11, 2011

A short story for Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow- who wants to illustrate this one?

Hi again,

The great Jane Burns, one of the writers volunteering at Fighting Words has written this story especially for us. Who wants to illustrate it? Please comment!

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PS A few more stories to come. Pick your story, sharpen your pencils.
A Song for William:
A message to my Great Grandson

Once upon a time in the very place where you now leave your footprints was a world with green trees and blue skies. Fresh water was everywhere and the world was safe haven. I barely knew this world for my arrival on this planet took place after man had discovered the atom bomb, the petrol driven car and nuclear energy.

Oh William, my distanced child I am afraid I made things worse. I was arrogant, I did not care for the earth beyond my time, I was too involved in the present, and at most only considered the near future. I did not truly believe the earth was dying. How could anyone have understood that, it would be like your mother dying while you grew in her womb, it does happen William but people do not dare to believe it.

We were too frightened to spend our money, the world was in economic crises, we were too frightened to plan for a future that in a second could be taken away by the callous acts of a terrorist. Oh William, we were too selfish to think of your tomorrow.

I hope for you, dear William that all the damage I have inflicted upon the earth, the disregard I had for nature that I left you something. Something so valuable that you alone can lift your heart, that you alone can achieve salvation. Oh William, dear William do you hear my song? My song of hope for a better world that belongs to you?

Take care of the earth, the life left within it, it is your turn now dear William to right the wrongs, to look to the future. Oh William, dear William dear you hear my song, my song of hope for a better world that belongs to you?

Jane Burns

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Esther Moliné said...

that's beautiful, love it! I can see how I could do a photo to illustrate this, something like:
but again I always think illustrations are better for this type of thing. It would be good to have a barren landscape with footprints also. I have a black and white photo of footsteps on a beach but I'd need to manipulate it, which I'm not very good at, and may be it would be too literal anyway, illustrations would probably suit this story better