Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do Not Ask for Gods and Monsters

More fantastic writing from Fighting Words this time from Clodagh O'Brien, if you wish to illustrate please let us know, come on you artists, illustrator, designers et al we have had some great written submissions lets get the art work going

Do Not Ask

Camouflaged by layers
the weight of soil and snow,
guilt and expectation.
Built to last
the promise of decades;
our alibi of power,
an irradiated legacy.

Time wields a sickle,
hacks a crack, a pore,
turns earth’s heartbeat sluggish,
strangles with poisoned hands.

Generations tainted,
misshapen twisted strands
missing letters, switching sides,
exchanging C for T,
replacing G with A.

Atomic static
the deafening crackle,
leaches life and its colours.

All that’s left is white.

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