Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dublin zine fair was fantastic in SO many ways

Dublin Zine Fair was organized by the brilliant and talented Sarah Bracken of Baby Beef Press .
Thank you Sarah :)
elidas brilliantly clever zine tea matters that she specially made to make funds for the upcoming gods and monsters publication as seen on her blog today
tinderbox members jane o sullivan* samuel carroll maiques *elida maiques *and eoghan carroll*at the zine fair on saturday.

part of the tinderbox stall at the zine fair
above photo from here
© kate horgan

a big thank you to everyone who called by to say hi at the tinderbox stall last saturday .
It was lovely to meet marianne ,a new member and thanks emma rowe ,whose cheese stall duties came second on saturday as she made time to get down to see us in her lunch break ! xx
Also thank you to coilin of the dublin story tellers for dropping by and buying one of the last of the heartstrings song drawing zines.
There is only one left of the limited edish of 20 ....never to be repeated zine (will you be the lucky owner ?)
You can rest assured that the whole tinderbox collectives best interests were well looked after by the stall holders (see above photo) who stayed all day from 12-5pm !!
Samuel Carroll Maiques made the most money , in fact he couldnt keep up with the sales of his talented mothers exclusive zine tea was a sell out .
As I mentioned , I had my own little space beside the mothership and I have to say it was definately worth it .....there is a very good chance that the brilliant anto dillon of loserdom zine+ a good few others will organize the independants day shindig again for this november...............
*watch this space
*get your work ready
*lets make a really big effort to attend in the style we are so capable of
*add your voice to the blog now this minute :)


Pict-ish! said...

Hey Jane,
thanks so much for the welcome on Saturday, it was lovely to meet you,Emma and Elida. Sorry I could not stay so long, would have loved to chat more with you all, the stall looked great, Im glad to hear another fair might be in the wings, will defo have some work ready for that and looking forward to seeing you all again and hopefully some more tinderboxers :)Marianne

slow said...

Hey Marianne, great to meet you, looking forward to see you work too!

Jane, lovely post.
You gotta send that pic to moi.
It was indeed a GREAT day, fantastic to be in such good company and the stall looked fabulous and was buzzing with all the selling, coming and going.
Thanks a lot for taking the helm of the stall, along with your friend Richael.

I can't wait for the next market!
They are great occasions to meet, trade and produce new things.


Claire said...

Aww wow! Looks like a brilliant event! I'd love to attend the next one and help out. November you say?

Fair play to you all!

ps: Elida - you look beeeeeeautiful!

denise nestor said...

well done guys, sounds like it was a really nice day! Would have loved to have been there. Welcome to Tinderbox Samuel! :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for the lovely comments guys , it was a special day and we will have lots more :)

Esther Moliné said...

Hi guys, been very busy these last few days and didn't get a chance to look at the blog till now. Great photos, Jane, looks like you had a great day, congratulations to everybody! Such a shame my exhibition at the People's Photography was on the same day... Looking forward to meeting Samuel in person soon Elida, must organize something...
Would love to take part in Independents Day this year also!