Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God or Monster? - by Deborah Coffey


All the way from Boston, a short story by Deborah Coffey for our project...
I love how each writer approached the theme from a different angle. It is going to be a great book. I can't wait to see the illustrations!
If anybody is up for it, please, let us know and illustrate this story...

God or Monster?

Edward was a smart boy. As the third child of six he knew how to keep his head down and stay out of the spotlight. He did his homework without incident and even kept his youngest brother out from underfoot. Yes, Edward was a clever boy. He knew how not to get caught in the act of whatever neighborhood scheme he had arranged for the gang. This talent he had inherited from his father.

Edward was tall for his age, with light brown hair. Nerdy glasses slid down his unpresuming nose. There wasn’t much to do in his small town and so he passed the summer in the same way boys have always done in small towns everywhere. He wrestled with his brothers. He came up with elaborate plans designed to make his sisters cry. He caught insects and removed their wings. He set as many things as possible on fire. And he waited for the school year to begin.

Deborah Coffey

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