Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Exhibition at the Bernard Shaw

The annual Bernard Shaw/Shaw Space Christmas
The exhibition will run from Friday 4th of December to Tuesday the 22nd December.

Maybe the Tinderbox peoples could get together for a lil' festive drink on the 4th.


denise said...

This sounds good! Think would it be boring of me to submit some of the same pieces I've been showing lately? Not sure if I have time to do new stuff and I still have editions left to sell.

Anyone working on new stuff for this?

Claire said...

Go for the editions for sure! They're deadly! I'll be doing a bit of recycling. A few of the other storytelling pieces are going in too (Lee and Michael so far). Probably wont get time to do do anything new at this stage. Maybe the opening could double as a Tinderbox Christmas get-together?

denise said...

Recycling is the way to go I think and if we get time sure we can get some new bits together. We should definitely make it a Tinderbox get together too!!

xbusto said...

This sounds really interesting. do you take photographs (photo art) as well?