Sunday, November 1, 2009

storytelling - book of beasts

My initial idea came from the 'medieval beasteries' which were illustrated manuscripts that were based on parables about animals. There was one called 'the book of beasts' which I like the sound of. The parables were based on the behaviour of the animal, but because they had only ever heard some of these animals described they got creative with their descriptions of them. For example they thought there were such things as unicorns, dragons and sea monsters called 'sawfish'. They're full of random stuff like this: "The wolf may not bend his neck backward in no month of the year but in May alone, when it thundereth." You have to love it.

My ideas branched off a little and my illustrations became portraits of people dressing up as these animals, seeing as the animals themselves were metaphors for human behaviour. There's lots more I want to do with this whole thing but it might take a different form or style when I approach it again. I'm not quite done with it yet... yes, that means more human/animal stuff, I apologise in advance : )



Jane O Sullivan said... denise , fine work , of course you are not finished with it yet .....SO much to be got out of this investigation.
The connection between animal and human interests me too...the symbolism and meanings to be made from what we are attracted to , is so cool huh ?

denise said...

sure is! thanks jane : )

anne said...

Great stuff Denise !!

denise said...

merci anne! Waiting for you to upload more of your writing ; ) do it!

Claire said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. DEADLY!

emma rowe said...

ohh beastlies! I love it, the human/animal thing has a certain draw, I guess it continues from childhood like when you where a kid a you maybe petented to be a cat or wolf or maybe that was just me ? great work Denise glad you got to take part!!

denise said...

Whenever we played 'house' as kids, I was always the dog... of my own choosing. hmmmm. I'm sure it will all unravel itself in therapy one day! : )

Upload your work emma, want to see it again!

lizzy said...

hi Denise,

how do i buy one?


nestor said...

Nee is there any sign of a shimmy maroo in there?
Love it !!