Sunday, November 29, 2009

Very interesting project

The Fiction Project

(thanks to Susan for the link)


Franco-Irish Literary Festival said...

This project sounds very very interesting. It is exactly what i am looking for, Art and Literature at the same time. It is a pity it is not in Ireland. That's why Tinderbox is a great project here, in Dublin.

Susan Levinsohn said...

I guess that I was thinking that it'd be fun to make a collaborative piece here in Dublin and it would then be archived/on display in the Brooklyn Museum. Kinda cross-cultural/cross-pollination sort of thing. If people were interested, it'd be easy enough to sort out the shipping (eg: my family lives in New York).

Shaunab said...

Great stuff - how do you think it could work, Susan? Would we sign up on the site and submit to tinderboxnetwork before sending off to Brooklyn (it mentions postmarking stuff on the site). Great ideas, though, really interesting stuff. Shauna