Sunday, November 8, 2009

Storytelling Exhibition ; Return to Oz

My three pieces all surround the 1985 childrens film 'Return to Oz'. Its a dark sequel to The Wizard of Oz based on two books by L Frank Baum, 'Ozma of Oz' and 'The Marvelous Land of Oz'. It is set in the future where dorothy goes back to Oz. It has been destroyed and taken over & she has to save the people and their city. I love this film! It really reminds me of my childhood and its kind of scary but magical. I love designing with typography. Most of my work is typographical and when thinking of storytelling i thought of words & letters floating around & it would suit to use type as my medium.
Key to Oz; The key to oz is what dorothy finds on her farm and this summons her back to oz at the beginning of the story.
Emerald City; Is my version of the emerald city, a future version, a third version.
12; is the amount of times the wheelers (very scary humanoid dudes with wheels and wires hanging out of them) appear in the main chase scene with them and dorothy.


denise said...

nice work michelle! (it is michelle right?) I didn't recognise these at first outside of their canvas frames. I have to watch 'Return to Oz', it sounds intriguing!

Jane O Sullivan said...

wonderful work micko
typography ....what a fantastic world to work from ...I am a fanatic for old embroidery styles of lettering...always seeking them out ..thanks for sharing your fine work

Michelle said...

thanks girls! yes do watch it, it's brilliant. i actually have some embroidery i did when i was about 10 in school with text on it, i must try to dig it out. (have changed the micko-was meaning to!)