Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to wear these shoes

14 pages, A6 vertical (portrait)
Theme: IN THESE SHOES (treat it broadly, for variety's sake)
Deadline: Monday November 23rd.
Email them to me: elida.maiques{at}
(if we get cracking we can sell them in December crafts markets/book shops)
What to send:
Drawings, doodle, photos, comics, photostory (black and white / greyscale 300dpi jpeg, tiff, pdf)
Text (microfiction: from 1 line to up to 200 words.)
The sooner we have stuff the better, so we can try and
- illustrate text
- write a story using the illustration as starting point.
All ideas, suggestions and submissions welcome!


slow said...

Do you see that text as huge as I do? If so, tell me how to fix it, please.

Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

The Text seems normal! Looks good, Is the zine in colour or B&W?

emma rowe said...

Im in elida i have the thinking cap on

Claire said...

Hi Sinead, It's black n white.

Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

Thanks Claire : )

slow said...

Claire, thanks for answering, Sin'ead, sorry for being s l o w .

Emma! yesyes! Please notice everybody that you can take three pages (or more?) in a row to make a comic, long story, photonovella....