Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In These Shoes by Evelyn Walsh

Evelyn Walsh has very kindly written this text for us. Please drop a comment if you want to illustrate it or you want to share your impressions!

She sat for a while, looking and listening. It was thirty years since she had been to the city and it had changed, changed utterly. So many people, busy confident good looking people.
She manoeuvred her wheelchair deeper into the bustling shopping centre and stopped at the window of the shoe shop, a single shoe on display, suspended in a way that made it look as if it was floating. It was shiny patent, deepest crimson red with a bowed front and a delicate spiked heel. They were beautiful. In these shoes she thought she might once again dance the tarantella. She watched her reflection in the plate glass window, an elderly overweight solitary figure fumbling beneath the chair for her purse. Her gnarled arthritic knuckles found the once shiny advertisement torn from a magazine, she opened it and laughed aloud. Yes! It was the coveted Jimmy Choos. Her heart pounded harder than it should. She briefly wondered was she having a heart attack. No matter. If she were to die they could bury her with the shoes on.
And we did.


Michelle said...

i'd like to work on this piece of text if thats ok. so many different images came to mind when i was reading it...its really sad but lovely

slow said...

Ah Michelle, it's all yours. Yeah, it comes with a punch. :]

Toma Lione said...

brilliant text